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“ I believe it is the responsibility of a business to give back to the community that supports it. Without the community, the business doesn’t exist.”

– Roodie

Roodie’s Foodies was founded with the help of four food bloggers, a community activist and the owner of Roodie’s Shack, Rudy. We, at Roodie’s Foodies, were brought together because of our love towards food and our passion to help others. Our primary objective is to support our Dallas community, whether it be a locally owned business or a neighborhood, and create projects that can leave a positive impact in the community.

The Giveback Project, our umbrella project, has different components/projects that branch out and target different objectives we feel our community may need. Our current sub-projects are: The Giveback Boxes and the Giveback Grub.

  • The Giveback Boxes, being our biggest component of The Giveback Project so far, aims to help our community by providing free books and essential items such as toiletries, hand sanitizer, and face masks for anyone in need. The boxes are located in different parts of the Dallas area such as small businesses, churches, schools and neighborhoods.
Giveback Boxes Locations
  • The Giveback Grub, the component aimed at supporting local small business, is a bi-weekly donated lunch or dinner to a small business and its staff. Our goal with the Grub Giveback is to highlight and promote the small business and at the same time provide a free meal for the staff.

Roodie’s Shack provides 10% of its monthly profits to help support the project along with donations provided by our customers and followers on social media. As we grow we are looking to create more projects that will continue to positively impact in our community. Together, this is how we give back with the Giveback Project.

If you’re interested in donating funds, please visit our GoFundMe page by clicking the button below. Thank you!

Giveback Box Locations

  • 2727 Hillglenn Rd Dallas Tx 75228 (Casa View)
  • Kessler Baking Studio: 1129 N Beckley Ave, Dallas, TX 75203 (Bishop Arts)
  • Bobaddiction: 3014 Main St., Dallas, TX 75226 (Deep Ellum)
  • 6717 Lovett Ave, Dallas, TX 75227 (Pleasant Grove)
  • Vals Cheesecakes: 2820 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX 75206 (Lower Greenville)
  • The Tiny Tap Room @ Pegasus City Brewery: 2222 Vantage St, Dallas, TX 75207 (Design District)
  • LULAC National Education Service Center: 345 S Edgefield Ave, Dallas, TX 75208 (Oakcliff)
  • Julian T. Saldivar Elementary – 9510 Brockbank Dr, Dallas, TX 75220
  • David G. Burnet Elementary – 3200 Kinkaid Dr, Dallas, TX 75220
  • Jose “Joe” May Elementary – 9818 Brockbank Dr, Dallas, TX 75220
  • Stephen C Foster Elementary – 3700 Clover Ln, Dallas, TX 75220
Ghost Kitchen
at Craft & Growler
3601 Parry Av, Dallas, TX 75226
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